Artificial Plant Care Guide

At Evergreenery we love real plants, flowers and trees however sometimes an artificial alternative is the better option. Faux plants can be used in a variety of settings and situations where live plants may not be practical or possible. We have created this guide to help you choose the right plants for you and how to care for them and achieve the most realistic look.

How do I know what size plant I need for my space?

Accurate measurement are in the product details. Our plants and trees are measured from the base of the pot to their highest points. The actual height will vary depending on how you arrange them. Most  of our plants and trees have wired stems so can be positioned into various heights and widths to fit your space perfectly.

Some helpful tips to add height to your plant is to stand it in a pot that has feet or to place it on a small table or pot stand. Placing bricks in the bottom of a much larger planter then placing your artificial plant on those then covering with gravel or similar will add height and give a sense of grandeur. Examples of this can be seen in our images and customer gallery.

How can I make my artificial plant look real?

Our plants are high quality and ultra-realistic however the key to making them look as real as possible is to spend some time positioning the leaves so that they look just right from all angles.

Our artificial plants and trees are carefully packed for transit which means on arrival the leaves and foliage will need dressed to get them looking their best.

Please follow these guidelines so your tree or plant looks amazing.

  • Unpack the plant and stand it on a flat surface, remove any outer packaging and plastics. Some leaves may be folded on arrival but will straighten out naturally within a short period of time.
  • Starting at the bottom, carefully fold out the leaves and arrange as you wish. It can help to look at our images or photos of the real version of your plant to get an idea of how the leaves should look.
  • To get a natural curve on the leaves carefully hold the tip in one hand and the stem in the other and run you hand along the curve to bend it gently into shape.
  • Look at the plant from all angles making sure there are no gaps and leaves have been positioned just right, ready to pot.
  • Your tree will arrive in a non removable, plastic weighted pot, ready to display however placing it in a larger decorative planter that compliments your decor will enhance the overall look. You can also stand it on bricks inside a large planter to raise the height.
  • Cover the base of the pot with a layer of ornamental gravel or soil, some of customer have planted real moss at the base for a more realistic look.

How can I secure my artificial trees and topiary outside?

Weight is the answer, artificial trees do not have a root system and therefore do not need planted in soil which gives natural weight to real trees and plants. Our plants will arrive is a weighted plastic pot ready to display however this may not be robust enough to stop them being blown over in windy conditions. We recommend putting them in a larger pot which is weighted with earth, sand or bricks then topped with gravel for an authentic and realistic look and will prevent your plant blowing over in the windiest of conditions.

We hope you have found this guide useful. If you have any questions regarding your artificial tree or plant please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.